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Krystal's Book Club

Welcome to my book club! I created this book club to not only share my essentials reading list, but to create a community that shares a passion for discovery, self-improvement, and lifelong learning. I wanted to provide a place and platform where we can be comfortable sharing our insights, our challenges, our heartbreak, and our triumph, and to find others that can help us remember we are never alone.


I hand-pick a book a month, and hold monthly meetings on where we discuss our takeaways from each selection. Please see "Krystal's Essential Reading List" for my list of 50 books that I consider must-reads for a life well-lived. None of the books are sponsored and I have no affiliation with any of the authors. Some of the books are literary classics, some are modern, and some are just for fun. Most are aimed at helping us become more fulfilled, more intentional, more purposeful, and more human. I really hope you enjoy becoming a part of my book club as much as I enjoy hosting it. 

Krystal's Essentials Reading List

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