COVID-19 and the microbiology industry

A report released and summarized on shows that the impact of COVID-19 will have a lasting affect on the percentage of GDP that microbiology Technologies will take up in the US. The impact on industries of COVID-19 will not be just limited to the biotechnology field. Other peripherally related industries that are expected to more than double in value as a direct result of the pandemic include companies which specialize in air filtration systems, microbial detection systems, air monitoring systems, and more. According to the report the global industrial microbiology market is estimated to double in value within the next decade. More than 33% of the value in the microbiology segment comes from companies which specialize in microbial sterility testing. Sterility is of the utmost importance in many I'm a circle and food companies. Mentioned in the article is the fact that microbial contamination of foods as well as products such as nasal solutions, eyedrops, and drugs can be prevented with the help of certain microorganisms. According to the World Health Organization, sterility is a globally relevant endeavor, as bacteria and viruses are involved in millions of deaths every year all over the world due to the fact that these organisms can cause thousands of different types of diseases and infections, including cancer. In other words, it looks like now is the time to start a microbiology company! Reference: CDN Newswire with PharmiWeb. Industrial microbiology market estimated to exceed 20,227.1 Million by 2027. (Oct 8, 2020).

Image credit: Smithsonian Museum

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