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Fungus makes enzyme that has healing properties

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

In an article published in Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy journal this month, a study on a novel wound healing gel showed promising results. The gel, based on a substance produced by a fungus called Trichoderma, contains an enzyme called L-lysine oxidase, which has regenerative effects on tissues. Fungus makes enzyme that has healing properties Even better, because it is produced naturally by the fungi, the initial liquid does not require an expensive industrial purification process.

The genus of Trichoderma has been long known to have beneficial properties, but this is the first time that a particular strain, Trichoderma harzianum Rifai F-180, has been used to create large quantities of the beneficial protein. The protein has been isolated and confirmed to have advanced physiological benefits on tissue repair. Researchers performed an initial study with guinea pigs. The experiement showed that a 1% solution of the active ingredient, along with another chemical known to be safe to humans and animals, carbopol, showed regenerative properties which could lessen the length of healing time by days. The scientists will start pre-clinical trials soon, with hopes for near-future applications in veterinary medicine, skin cancer treatment, gynecology, and cosmetology.


Researchers develop wound-healing gel based on a substance produced by Trichoderma fungi. (2020, December 6).

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