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5 Tips to Create a Better Show

Put more butts in seats with these simple tips

Here’s me and “Abbey Road” AKA John, Paul, George, and Ringo at The Coach House on Sat. 1.10.15. Way to kick off the new year right with a helping of the enormously successful Beatles vs. Stones show! After seeing these guys perform several amazing times with their Stones counterpart, Jumping Jack Flash, they made me realize a lot about what audiences want today. Especially “Joey Jagger” (The Mick of Jumping Jack Flash) - man that guy has Mick down pat! What a great showman!

They made me realize what audiences will pay for today. People want to go to a show, something truly unique and theatrical. Something that is memorable to them, something that is fun and exciting and eye-catching. Something that focuses the brains of our ADD-addled society. As the co-owner of a concert promoting company, I have seen too often bands that think four guys who look like they just rolled out of bed without a shower standing listlessly on stage playing half-completed songs is a show. That is not a show. That is something typical that everyone has seen before and that is why let’s face it, most bands don’t become as successful as they would hope.

Here are some tips that you can incorporate into every show to be more successful overall in your live performances. Better performances = more ticket sales = more success.

1. Plan a theme for the show. Tell a story with visuals. Paint a backdrop. Bring some stage props- think Pink Floyd The Wall. Have your band dress in similar, unique outfits (think about The Beatles in their Sgt. Pepper outfits! Now that’s creative and eye-popping!) Match your flyers with your tickets with your outfits with your website with your stage.

2. Don’t pause in between songs asking each other which song to play next. Create a setlist and rehearse it in order. Print out the setlist in bold letters and make sure each band member has a copy in his/her stage area.

3. You have a whole stage. Use it all. Take a cue from Mick Jagger and use the entire stage. Sing from the right, run around, sing from the left. Dance. Clap your hands. Headbang. Anything is better than standing like a statue. If people wanted to see a mannequin they would go to the mall.

4. Run out into the audience and sing to people. Go wireless or bring a really long cord. This works great for singers and guitarists as well.

5. Don’t be afraid to look stupid. Being self-conscious is never a good look on stage. If you’re on stage, live in your own skin and own it. Again, take a cue from Mick Jagger, that guy doesn’t give a shit what he looks like with his stage moves and that’s the essential reason why he always looks so cool.

I really hope this helps; and more importantly, I hope you actually DO IT. Let me know how you've incorporated these strategies into your shows, and how it's helped (or not) by sending me a note!

  • JANUARY 12, 2015 (8:19 AM)

  • by Krystal Khali

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